The thesis seeks to activate a diverse and performative urban space by way of the ubiquitous and autonomous technology of Wireless Technology, delivered by the mobile phone. By questioning notions of public space practice and the generic conditions of urban-ness the project will drive towards a new typology of architecture and urban space where industry, consumption, and leisure assemble by way of mobile information technology. The barrage of information we receive daily, with its link to new media, is increasing exponentially, opening up areas of exploitation by certain industry through this technology. Coincidental with this, urban-ness is exceedingly delivered to us by way of shopping centres; the mall-ified downtown cores and suburban mall.

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kate p said...

hi greg
within a new public wireless zone, what will become of the drastically disconnected downtown core, already excluded from the city's renewal zone? Once covered by the wireless zone, would it become vital again? or could it remain excluded and disconnected, becoming a darkspot in the wireless network and affording the citizens respite from connectedness? could this unconnectedness be unexpectedly attractive?