_site 2 Lightless and Lifeless

_site 1 The Fair

From left to right_1. Abandoned lot on the corner of Woodward and 8 Mile + Fair Grounds predicted to cost the city $1,000,000 to keep running_2. Unused park. "Farwell Field". Lightless and lifeless_3. Abandoned Go Kart track.

After visiting the city, sites along 8 Mile Rd. emerged as the ones rich with the most potential. Their organisation as a series of points along the border of the city create a line of interest that heretofore has been the divider of urban and suburban. This connection at the street scale seeks to form a rhizome that then connects to the rest of the city. In the Deleuzian sense, priviledging the multiplicities, forming lines and connections as opposed to points and positions. This is especially relevant to a strip of road that has acted as a striation in the city of Detroit; not just as a border, but also a regulator.

_Map displaying the racial & ethnic distribution in Detroit. The segregation between the suburbs and city proper is clearly visible.

_Map displaying amount of immigrants into Detroit and surrounding suburbs.

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