1_How can we urbanize open-source?

2_What is the public domain of ambient informatics?

3_How can we redefine received ideas about parks, nature, and recreation, when everything is

4_What distribution grids and topological connections, that link systems and practices of
production with systems and practices of consumption, do mobile phone infrastructure
networks provide?

5_Can we differentiate landscape, built landscape, to promote a multiplicity of urban cells
designed to accomodate differentiated labour and capital?

6_How does the fact that immaterial labor immediately involves social interaction and
cooperation impact architecture and public space?

7_How does spatial form relate to the processes that flow through, manifest, and sustain it?

8_What opportunities lie beyond the architectural surface as confectionary spectacle or the
interior vestibule as glorified automatic door opener?

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Evan Saskin said...

I think the first two can answer the last two.