Related Ideas

Mark Sheppard's Sound Garden

_The project outlines the possibility for the sharing of music within the ambient of the city. Songs can be uploaded and downloaded upon reaching a particular proximity to the wireless sensors.

Philippe Rahm

Living in the interval of the double-glazing glass

The project modifies the existing configuration of the glazing system to create differentiated spaces based on light and temperature, which in turn rely on season and weather.

_To quote, Our works are developing in this physical realm where architecture, at the outset, is nothing other than a Nietzschean struggle between a human desire for energetic growth and structural maintenance, on the one hand, and the external environment which reduces, degrades and breaks up on the other. We are thus reassessing those factors of architecture represented by materials, structure, space and light, depending on their physical actions.

The Hormonorium

_To quote, The aim is to act in advance of form, at a subformal level, by modifying the very information that gives rise to form, to behavior, to thought. By exerting an influence outside the realm of the senses and the skin, the Hormonorium creates a synthesis of the organic, of mood and space, by establishing a continuity between architecture and human metabolism, between space, light and the endocrine and neurological systems.

The Hormonorium is an interior public space defined climatically by light, temperature, air quality, that involve the body but where certain functions remain indeterminate : resting, working out, breathing fresh air, meeting people, flirting, discussing, people-watching, collecting one's thoughts, washing, toning up, etc.

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